“The history of land warfare is as old as the history of mankind”
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China eyes Thai arms Deal- The Sunday Guardian
India-China Border Agreement: Much Ado about Nothing- Foreign Policy
Time for Adopting a Life Cycle Approach to Defence Acquisitions- Indian Defence Review
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 FDI Options: 49 percent or less versus 51 percent and more

Sanjay Sethi analyses the issue of FDI in Defence

Sanjay Sethi, 09/07/2014
 Critical Deficiencies in the Indian Army

Sanjay Sethi discusses the deficiencies in the Indian Army

Sanjay Sethi, 08/07/2014
 Managing Disasters: Integrating Armed Forces in NDMA Structure

Ashwani Gupta suggests integrating armed forces in NDMA

Ashwani Gupta, 06/07/2014
 Agnostic Wars

Prakash Katoch discusses Agnostic Wars

Prakash Katoch, 04/07/2014
 Renewed Violence in West Asia: Rising Instability

Gurmeet Kanwal analyses the rising violence in West Asia

Gurmeet Kanwal, 02/07/2014
 All the Kings Men

Dhruv Katoch discusses the situation in Pakistan

Dhruv Katoch, 30/06/2014
 Maoist Threat: Internal and External Linkages

Manisha Chachra reviews the internal and external linkages of Maoist threat

Manisha Chachra, 28/06/2014
 Iraq Hostage Crisis: Diplomacy and INS Vikramaditya

RSN Singh discusses the Iraq hostage crisis

R S N Singh, 26/06/2014
 Al-Qaeda’s Kashmir Call: An ISI Diversion Tactic

Ashwani Gupta analyses Al-Qaeda's call in Kashmir

Ashwani Gupta, 24/06/2014
 Maoists in Dandakaranya - The Tribal Cause or Otherwise

Shashank Ranjan discusses the Maoist problem in Dandakaranya

Shashank Ranjan, 22/06/2014
 America Renews Asia-Pacific Engagement via Philippines

Monika Chansoria reviews the US-Philippines agreement

Dr Monika Chansoria, 20/06/2014
 TTP Strikes Again: A Pakistani Military Operation in the Offing?

Avantika Lal questions the effects of the latest TTP attacks

Avantika Lal, 18/06/2014
 Rise of Eurasian Heartland, Is Coming Together of Russia and China a Wake Up Call to India?

Narender Kumar discusses the Russia-China relations

Narender Kumar, 16/06/2014
 Increased Foreign Direct Investment in Defence Sector: A Transformational Change

Vikram Taneja discusses the Increased FDI in Defence Sector

Vikram Taneja, 14/06/2014
 Arab Spring 2.0: Return of the Old Guard

Shweta Desai discusses the Arab Spring 2.0

Shweta Desai, 12/06/2014
 Defence Procurements: Dealing with Unethical Practices

Bikramdeep Singh analyses the Unethical Practices involved in Defence Procurements

Bikramdeep Singh, 10/06/2014
 Seven Reasons Why We Need to Disinvest in Ordnance Equipment Factories Group

Sanjay Sethi gives out reasons for disinvesting in Ordnance Equipment Factories Group

Sanjay Sethi, 08/06/2014
 Danger at Sea

Prakash Katoch explains the Vietnam-China crisis

Prakash Katoch, 06/06/2014
 The Next Attack on India from Pakistan

RSN Singh deciphers the next attack on India from Pakistan

R S N Singh, 04/06/2014
 Strengthening the Non Proliferation Treaty - Critical Issues to Address

Dinakar Peri suggests changes to the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Dinakar Peri, 02/06/2014
 What ails the United Nations?

Surya Kiran Sharma discusses the problems ailing the United Nations

Surya Kiran Sharma, 31/05/2014
 Veterans in Parliament - A Boost to National Security

Dhruv C Katoch examines the impact of veterans in Parliament on national security

Dhruv Katoch, 29/05/2014
 Shakti, Shanti and Economic Diplomacy

Daaman Thandi discusses India's foreign economic policy

Daaman Thandi, 27/05/2014
 Public Private Partnership Model in Defence: Beset with Hurdles

Karanpreet Kaur analyses the PPP model in defence

Karanpreet Kaur, 25/05/2014
 User Manufacturer Collaboration: A Case Study of Development of Dhanush 155mm Gun

Ashwani Gupta reviews the development of Dhanush 155mm gun

Ashwani Gupta, 23/05/2014
 As US-Saudi ties Soften, Hard Days for Assad?

Monish Gulati discusses US-Saudi relations and their impact on Syria

Monish Gulati, 21/05/2014
 Boko Haram and Nigeria

V Ganapathy investigates the Boko Haram in Nigeria

Ganapathy Vanchinathan, 19/05/2014
 Demographic Fault Lines in Assam: Moving Towards Population Inversion 2050

Ashwani Gupta examines the demographic faultlines in Assam

Ashwani Gupta, 17/05/2014
 Ordnance Factory Board: A New Paradigm Needed

Vaishnavi Viraj reviews the Ordnance Factory Board

Vaishnavi Viraj, 15/05/2014
 Fatah-Hamas Unity Pact: Harbinger of Peace?

Vipul Shinghal analyses the peace pact between Hamas and Fatah

Vipul Shinghal, 13/05/2014
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Can India's military be fixed?- Gary J. Schmitt and Sadanand Dhume
FDI in defence to what end?- Ajay Banerjee
Defence needs projects, not FDI- Ajai Shukla
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Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Conflict Redux
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Role of Paramilitary and Central Armed Police Forces in India's National Security
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Re-Energising Indian Intelligence
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