“The history of land warfare is as old as the history of mankind”
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  UPCOMING EVENTS:   17th July 2014 Border Management: Guarding the Frontiers 7th August 2014 Opportunities and Challenges on the Eastern Flank
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China eyes Thai arms Deal- The Sunday Guardian
India-China Border Agreement: Much Ado about Nothing- Foreign Policy
Time for Adopting a Life Cycle Approach to Defence Acquisitions- Indian Defence Review
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Manekshaw Papers
Study of the US DARPA Model and its Applicability to the Indian Defence Research and Development System
Defence Acquisitions and Offsets: The Road Ahead
Circle of Treason: Bangladesh Beyond the Threat of Illegal Migration
Measures for MES Works Maximisation:Based on a Statistical Review of Works in a Corps Zone
Pakistan Military:Ethnic Balance in the Armed Forces and Problems of Federalism
The Kautilya Arthaśāstra: A Military Perspective
Gilgit-Baltistan: An Appraisal
Civil Military Relations in India
People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army of CPI (Maoist)
Revolution in Military Affairs: A Roadmap for the Indian Sapper of 2020
Pakistan: A Military Challenge in the Backdrop of Nuclear Symmetry
China's Infrastructure Development in Tibet: Evaluating Trendlines
Staff System in the Indian Army: Time for Change
Trojan Horses: Efficacy of Counter-Terrorism Legislation in a Democracy- Lessons from India
The Perils of Prediction: Indian Intelligence and the Kargil Crisis
The Military's Role in Pakistan's Polity
The Himalayan Stalemate: Retracing the India-China Dispute
Understanding the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba
Countering Pakistan's Asymmetric Warfare
The Tibetan Diaspora in India and their Quest for the Autonomy of Tibet
National Strategy for Cyberspace Security
Review of MP 22 - Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict: How Eelam War IV was Won
Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict: How Eelam War IV was Won
Jammu and Kashmir: The Emerging Contours and the Way Ahead
'Informationising' Warfare: China Unleashes the Cyber and Space Domain
Understanding the Indian Mujahideen
Changing Nature of Conflict: Trends and Responses
Militancy and the Pakistan Army
The Emerging Balance of Power in Asia: Conflict or Cooperation
India's Missile Defence Programme: Threat Perceptions and Technological Evolution
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(Fortnightly Articles of Interest,
16th To 30th June)
Can India's military be fixed?- Gary J. Schmitt and Sadanand Dhume
FDI in defence to what end?- Ajay Banerjee
Defence needs projects, not FDI- Ajai Shukla
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Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Conflict Redux
By Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) and Dr. Monika Chansoria (eds.)
Price Rs.740,
Role of Paramilitary and Central Armed Police Forces in India's National Security
By Rohit Singh
Price Rs.595,
Re-Energising Indian Intelligence
By Lt Col Manoj Shrivastava
Price Rs.850,
Insurgencies in the North-East India-Moving Towards Resolution
By Lt Col Gautam Das (Retd)
Price Rs.595,
Firepower by Maj Gen(Retd) PK Chakraborty
Price Rs.595,


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