“The history of land warfare is as old as the history of mankind”
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  UPCOMING EVENTS:   8th May 2014 Transition in Afghanistan: Future Scenarios 29th May 2014 Internal Conflict in Pakistan: Impact on the region
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China eyes Thai arms Deal- The Sunday Guardian
India-China Border Agreement: Much Ado about Nothing- Foreign Policy
Time for Adopting a Life Cycle Approach to Defence Acquisitions- Indian Defence Review
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Issue Briefs
Indian Defence Offsets: A Preliminary Appraisal
Why Chief of Defence Staff
Education and Peace Building in Kashmir
India’s Military Modernization: Plans and Strategic Underpinnings
Debating the Future of India's Nuclear Deterrent
White Paper on "China's Peaceful Development": A Critique
Jihadi Terror: Pakistan-Middle Eastern Linkages
India's Missile Programme: Building Blocks for Effective Deterrence
Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal: Debating Objectives and Safety
Mission 2011-2015: China Unveils 12th Five-Year Plan
'Merchants of Death': The Problems of Landmines in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
Red Footprints in Gilgit-Baltistan: China's Expanding Presence in PoK
 Acquisition Reforms: The Way Ahead*

Col Raj Shukla recommends the way ahead for reforms in defence acquisitions in India

 In Search of a New Strategy in Afghanistan

Lt Gen RK Sawhney (Retd) reviews the situation in the Af-Pak region and the US Counter-Insurgency strategy

 Special Forces: Revamp and Restructure

Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi (Retd) advocates a comprehensive re-structuring of Special Forces to meet the challenges of the 21st century

China’s Rising Defence Expenditure and Implications for India
India Offset Contracts: An Evaluation
Five Decades of China's War on India in 1962: Current Contextualisation
An Appraisal of PLA Exercises: Integration and Jointmanship
Rethinking Our Mine Warfare Policy
Waters of Discord
Small Arms Proliferation in South Asia: A Major Challenge for National Security
Internal Security Management: Challenges and Policy Options
Artillery Lessons from the Early 21st Century
 Misinterpreting the Quran to Justify Jihad

Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) and Samarjit Ghosh analyse the concept of Quran and Jihad as enunciated in the book written by Brig SK Malik

 Breathing Fire: China's Aggressive Tactical Posturing

Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) and Dr. Monika Chansoria analyse the objectives behind China's recent aggressive posturing against India

 Myanmar: Nuclear Programme and its Implications

RSN Singh analyses the implications of Myanmar developing Nuclear capabilities

 Red Dragon Rising: China’s White Paper Emphasises Offensive Defence

Brig Gurmeet Kanwal and Dr Monika Chansoria analyse the 2008 Chinese White Paper on National Defence

 Countering Urban Terrorism in India

Brig Gurmeet Kanwal & Dr N Manoharan outlines various ways of countering urban terrorism in India

 Sri Lanka: Where Is The Conflict Heading?

Dr. N Manoharan analyses the conflict and the post- war scenario in Sri Lanka

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(Fortnightly Articles of Interest,
1st To 15th April)
Crimson Tide: Storm Brewing over Pakistan- Sherry Rehman
Nuclear Deterrence: The Wohlstetter-Blackett Debate Re-visited- Rajesh Basrur
Afghanistan’s Presidential Election 2014- Fahd Humayun
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Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Conflict Redux
By Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) and Dr. Monika Chansoria (eds.)
Price Rs.740,
Role of Paramilitary and Central Armed Police Forces in India's National Security
By Rohit Singh
Price Rs.595,
Re-Energising Indian Intelligence
By Lt Col Manoj Shrivastava
Price Rs.850,
Insurgencies in the North-East India-Moving Towards Resolution
By Lt Col Gautam Das (Retd)
Price Rs.595,
Firepower by Maj Gen(Retd) PK Chakraborty
Price Rs.595,


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