“The history of land warfare is as old as the history of mankind”
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  UPCOMING EVENTS:   8th May 2014 Transition in Afghanistan: Future Scenarios 29th May 2014 Internal Conflict in Pakistan: Impact on the region
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China eyes Thai arms Deal- The Sunday Guardian
India-China Border Agreement: Much Ado about Nothing- Foreign Policy
Time for Adopting a Life Cycle Approach to Defence Acquisitions- Indian Defence Review
Photo Gallery
Night vision India- 2014
Securing India-2014
National Conclave on Technological Sovereignty -2013
An Eye for an Eye:Special Operations and Irregular Warfare
Digitisation of Battlefield 2013
China's New Leadership Under Xi Jinping: Pushing for Change?
The Australian Strategic Perspective And War Experience In Afghanistan
Annual Workshop on Internal Security:2013
Human Resource Development in the Indian Army
China's Strategic Culture and Implications for India
India: Opportunities and Challenges on the Easter Flank
Defence Acquisition and Offsets: Partnership in Research, Development and Production
Afghanistan: Humanitarian Challenges and ICRC Response
Pakistan Post Elections: Wind for Change or Lull Before Storm
Firepower India :2013
CLAWS Interaction with Taiwan Academic Delegation
Talk by Dr. Lora Saalman , Chinese Views on India's BMD Programme
Talk by Mr. William Darlymple: Return of a King (Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42)
West Asia: Spring or Autumn, Talk delivered by Mr. Saeed Naqvi
Afghanistan: The Challenge of Transition
India-China Relationship: Remembering the past to look into the future
Technological Sovereignty in ICT
 China-Pakistan Military Partnership

27 Sep 2012

Centre for Land Warfare Studies, 01/11/2012
Technological Sovereignty in ICT
 China-Pakistan Military Partnership

27 Sep 2012

Centre for Land Warfare Studies, 22/10/2012
Annual Workshop on Internal Security
Firepower India 2012
 Future of Unmanned Systems

23 Aug 2012

Centre for Land Warfare Studies, 06/09/2012
 Appraisal of the Situation in Gilgit-Baltistan

26 July 2012

Centre for Land Warfare Studies, 06/09/2012
 Role of PMF & CAPFs in India's National Security

19 July 2012

Centre for Land Warfare Studies, 06/09/2012
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(Fortnightly Articles of Interest,
1st To 15th April)
Crimson Tide: Storm Brewing over Pakistan- Sherry Rehman
Nuclear Deterrence: The Wohlstetter-Blackett Debate Re-visited- Rajesh Basrur
Afghanistan’s Presidential Election 2014- Fahd Humayun
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Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Conflict Redux
By Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) and Dr. Monika Chansoria (eds.)
Price Rs.740,
Role of Paramilitary and Central Armed Police Forces in India's National Security
By Rohit Singh
Price Rs.595,
Re-Energising Indian Intelligence
By Lt Col Manoj Shrivastava
Price Rs.850,
Insurgencies in the North-East India-Moving Towards Resolution
By Lt Col Gautam Das (Retd)
Price Rs.595,
Firepower by Maj Gen(Retd) PK Chakraborty
Price Rs.595,


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